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UofA Medallion Project

This medallion was created for the University of Arizona Regency Professor Award. The inspiration for this artwork was drawn to depict "place" and location. Most specifically, the place of Arizona, the City of Tucson, and the University of Arizona. Arizona is the home of the O'odham tribe and is represented in the traditional water design at the foot of the composition. The entirety of the landscape features the signature Sonoran Desert aesthetic. The "A" is a direct representation of the University of Arizona, as it is a symbol used throughout the college and its programs.

Regents Professor is an honored position reserved for faculty scholars of exceptional ability who have achieved national and international distinction. The title Regents Professor serves as recognition of the highest academic merit and is awarded to faculty members who have made a unique contribution to the quality of the University through distinguished accomplishments in teaching scholarship, research or creative work.

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